Main Facilities

Brooklake School is located at 235 Brooklake Road in Florham Park, NJ. Set on a private Park-Like campus, Brooklake School sits in the center of large wooded area in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood.

The School includes amenities such as:

  • Fully Air Conditioned State-Of-The-Art classrooms
  • Air Conditioned Gymnasium with a full stage
  • An Apple-based Computer lab
  • A Spacious art room with Kiln & Pottery wheels
  • Large updated playgrounds
  • Expansive sports fields including a Basketball/Softball field
  • Outdoor Basketball courts
  • Ample blacktop recreational space


Swimming will take place daily at the Florham Park Municipal Pool (1.6 miles or 4 minutes by bus). The pool has depth from 3ft to 10ft along with diving board and water slide.  Campers in Grade K-5 will have both instructional and recreational swim. Older campers in grades 6-9 will have a CHOICE of taking lessons or just a recreational swim. American Red Cross standards are used for testing and lessons.

Every 2 weeks parents will receive a swim progress report as well as feedback from the camper’s instructor. Campers will also have access to the beach volleyball court, basketball court, tether-ball and playground.