Jenn A.
“New Horizons day camp was an “aha moment” for us. Our son had the summer of his life! The programming and the staff are fantastic. On the Friday of his first week of camp our son said “I wish tomorrow was Monday rather than Saturday”, when we asked why, his reply was, “I want to go to camp tomorrow!” New Horizons is a place that makes every kid feel special and accepted, every minute of every day. We cannot say enough good things; this summer was a turning point for our son; it was nothing short of amazing…Not because of fancy facilities or upscale accommodations but because of the people; people who give of themselves to make every child’s experience one he or she will remember for a lifetime.”
Michelle C.
“My 7 year old daughter attended New Horizons Day Camp during the summer of 2013 and loved it! Kids spend the entire school year being told what activities they have to do. So why not spend the summer doing activities they want to do? Chris and Seth have developed a program that is the perfect blend of choice activities (so kids can select activities that interest them), grade group activities (to provide ample socialization opportunities within their core group as well), and entertaining shows. They went on trips that were fun, well planned, and VERY well supervised. My daughter loved being able to swim inside at NYSC so no matter what the weather was outside, she could swim every day. She had such a fun summer and can’t wait to go back!”
Camper S.P.
“I LOVE New Horizons Day Camp!! It is my special place. Seth, Chris and all the counselors and staff are so nice. They make everyday fun. I love that I can make my own individualized schedule with super cool activities. My favorites are rocketry, plastic model making and how to be a DJ. Thinking about New Horizons makes me smile.”
Karen E.
“Our then 12 year old daughter had a terrific experience at New Horizons. She enrolled in camp in mid-July, after a short experience at sleep away that ended with her coming home early. She was instantly welcomed into New Horizons and integrated into all activities. She did not know any other campers but made friends quickly, and has sustained these friendships through this school year. It was if she had been there from day one. The staff, the facilities, the programming, the campers are all top notch, and I am pleased to say that New Horizons is our first choice destination for the summer of 2014.”
Jen T.
“It has been a long journey to find our son that “perfect” summer camp. We found a perfect fit in New Horizons! He had an amazing experience this past summer. It was great for his self esteem and his confidence. He loves the fact that he can choose his activities and still enjoy all the qualities of a traditional camp. There are so many activities to choose from, which include your traditional ones and unique activities. I also wanted to comment on the fabulous staff. You can see Chris and Seth handpick these wonderful, nurturing counselors and staff members. My son absolutely loves getting up in the morning and going to camp. He can’t wait for summer 2014.”
Camper D.S.
“Are you having trouble finding the perfect day camp? Well, look no further! New Horizons Day Camp has everything you need! New Horizons has TONS of things to do! The camp, directed by Chris Purdue and Seth Blender is beyond excellent! At New Horizons, you get to choose your schedule. Forget school schedules, where you are told what classes you have to take! New Horizons offers many activities, such as dodgeball, How to be a DJ, Camp Newscast, and Pilo Polo. I attended this camp last year, when it first opened, and I had so much fun! Camp Trips take place towards the end of the camp year. Last year, campers went to Funplex, Safari Mini Golf, the Turtle Back Zoo, and Mountain Creek! If your kid loves swimming, then we have that too! This year, campers will swim at the YMCA in Livingston. Camp lunches are provided, too. Some of the lunches include pizza, roast beef, and turkey. They know what their campers love!”
Head Counselor
Gianna D.
“New Horizons Day Camp is a fantastic program that is dedicated to ensuring that every camper is happy and excited to come to camp every morning. As a Head Counselor at the camp, I witness how much the staff and administrators truly care about the well-being of the campers. I have worked with Chris and Seth for five years now and they always go above and beyond to get to know the campers and their families. Working at New Horizons inspired me to change my field of study to pursue a career as an inclusive elementary school teacher. I have personally seen the benefits of the inclusive program; Every camper is accepted, appreciated and valued. I look forward to many more years at New Horizons Day Camp.”


“My 8-year-old son has many enthusiastic interests but has struggled in summer camps since the age of four.  Several highly-acclaimed camps in the area have inflexible schedules and narrow activities that are highly focused on team sports and large-group settings.  As a result, my son’s interest level and self-esteem waned during the day as he did not keep pace with the large group, nor did he enjoy the competitive sports.  New Horizons Day Camp was a completely different experience for him.  He was able to choose his own daily activity schedule every two weeks, including physical games & sports, swimming, and highly engaging activities such as rocketry, Minecraft gaming, art and airplane making.  His self-esteem and social confidence blossomed over the course of the summer and these have carried over into his other friendships and weekend activities.  The staff at New Horizons is fabulous and goes above ad beyond to ensure that each camper thoroughly enjoys each activity.  I have never seen a staff with more enthusiasm and positive energy!  His summer at New Horizons has marked a positive step forward in his personal development and his love for summer fun – he is looking forward to many more summers there!”


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